Aircraft Wash Systems

Aircraft Wash Systems and Aircraft Washing

Aircraft Wash Systems from Rhinowash are available in both Fixed Systems and Mobile Systems suitable for both Military and Civilian customers. Our Aircraft Wash Equipment delivers a touch less foam application which speedily and effectively dissolves dirt and grime on an Aircraft surface.

Fixed Aircraft Washing System

Consistently reliable, our Fixed Aircraft Washing Systems are easy to use and very robust. The Fixed Aircraft Wash System provides massive savings in time and labour due to its simplicity and efficiency.

Mobile Aircraft Wash System

Our Mobile Aircraft Wash Systems provide the perfect solution for requirements in varying and remote locations. The Deployable Wash System is equipped with fast road tow trailer and collapsible high level gantry platform, increasing the units versatility.

Aircraft Wash Systems

Both our Fixed and Deployable Aircraft Washing Equipment provide a reliable, safe and cost effective solution to your Aircraft Wash requirements.

Choose from the range of Cold Water Pressure Washers for Aircraft Washing that Rhinowash have to offer.

Contact us to discuss your Aircraft Cleaning requirements, our technical engineers can advise an Aircraft Wash System best suited to your application.