Best Pressure Washers

Best Pressure Washers & Industrial Pressure Washers

Rhinowash manufacture some of the Best Pressure Washers on the market today. Available in Hot Pressure Washer and Cold Pressure Washer versions you will find an Industrial Pressure Washer that is suited to your requirements.

Our Industrial Power Washers are designed to be robust and durable; making them the Best Pressure Washer to deal with your cleaning demands quickly and efficiently.

The Best Pressure Washers Designed For You

We have a range of Industrial Pressure Washerssuitable for all of your cleaning needs:

  • Heavy Duty RX Series Pressure Washer Systems offer you the complete solution to your wash problems. Easy to install and operate; our RX System gives you the Ultimate Wash System.
  • Static Pressure Washers provide you with a high degree of security. A Fixed Pressure Washer ensures the owner has overall control of the machine at all times.
  • Mobile Pressure Washers allow you to wheel the washer from one location to another and securely store when not in use.

Best Pressure Washers with Cost Savings

The range of Industrial Pressure Washers from Rhinowash come with a number of features which offer the users huge cost savings compared to other Pressure Washer brands.

Our Cost Saving Detergent System can reduce detergent costs by up to 75% in some instances and the highly efficient boiler in our Hot Pressure Washers can reduce Fuel consumption by nearly 25%!

Choose the Best Pressure Washers and choose Rhinowash! We have a range of Industrial Pressure Washers to suit your wash demands.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, our technical engineers can advise an Industrial Pressure Washer best suited to your application.