Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold Water Pressure Washers & Industrial Cold Pressure Washers

Industrial Cold Pressure Washers from Rhinowash are perfect for situations where Hot Water Pressure Washerscannot be used due to restrictions on burners. Cold Pressure Washers deliver a continuous flow of cold water, capable of dealing with cleaning demands quickly and efficiently.

Cold Water Pressure Washers & Cost Savings

Our Cold Pressure Washers offer a more economic solution to your wash needs:

  • Cold Industrial Pressure Washers with our new "After the Pump" Detergent System can reduce detergent costs in some instances by more than 75%.

If you are unsure if its Cold or Hot water you require, check out our RHiNO ST Series Cold Upgrade Pressure Washer which you can upgrade to a fully functioning RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer at a later date.

Cold Water Pressure Washers & Time Saving

Cold Water Pressure Washers coupled with our Cost Saving Detergent System ensures that stubborn dirt is removed quickly and efficiently.

Choose from the range of Cold Water Pressure Washers that Rhinowash have to offer to suit your wash demands.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, our technical engineers can advise a Cold Pressure Washer best suited to your application.