Five Key Questions

Our Leading Pressure Washer Expert reveals the 5 Key Questions you should be asking when choosing an effective Industrial Pressure Washer System.

  • HOT OR COLD - Consider what you are cleaning! If you are cleaning general muck or soiling, a cold water pressure washer can often be very effective! Hot water is best for cleaning dirt containing oil, grease or fats. Think carefully about this as Hot and Cold machines are quite different. Read More


  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION - The best wash equipment in the wrong location can result in disaster! Will your equipment be exposed to the elements? Is your water supply protected from frost? Is their adequate drainage? Just some of the very important questions to consider regards location!


  • STATIC OR MOBILE - Is your washing carried out in a defined location? Benefit from increased levels of safety, security and convenience and opt for a static wash system! Only when your washing is carried out in multiple locations should you consider a mobile wash system!


  • 240V OR 415V - 240V is widely available in domestic environments. However improved operational performances can be achieved with 415V and is recommended for industrial operations and environments.


  • POWER, PRESSURE & VOLUME - Evaluating performance based on high pressure is one of the most common mistakes. A balance of
    Power, Pressure and Volume is necessary to choose the most suitable performance for your requirements.