Hot or Cold

The desire to have a Hot Water Pressure Washer has become common place for a large portion of Industrial Pressure Washer users, but is a Hot Pressure Washer always the better option?

Our guide provides you with the most common differences between Hot Pressure Washers and Cold Pressure Washers to help you decide which is best for your requirements.

RhinoNews: Hot Pressure Washer or Cold Pressure Washer

Hot Water Pressure Washers - Best Option for you?

Hot Pressure Washers are mostly required when there is a requirement to clean dirt containing Oil, Grease or Fats. Compared to a Cold Water Pressure Washer, Hot Pressure Washers can provide fast and efficient cleaning with fewer requirements for detergent. Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washers can also be utilised when continuous and arduous cleaning is carried out.

Typical uses for Hot Pressure Washers include both top washing and under chassis cleaning for small through to large commercial vehicles; light, medium and heavy plant and machinery cleaning; food transport and processing and waste processing & recycling

Pros of Hot Pressure Washers

  • Provides fast & efficient cleaning.
  • Cleans grime, fats, oils, grease and pigments faster and cleaner than Cold Pressure Washers.
  • Reduces the dependency on detergent.
  • Suitable for Continuous and arduous cleaning.
  • Fewer requirements for agitation e.g. Brushing or Sponging.



Cons of Hot Pressure Washers

  • Requires more maintenance than a Cold Water System.
  • Market flooded with unreliable products.
  • More expensive than a Cold Pressure Washer.

Cold Water Pressure Washers - Best Option for you?

When there is a requirement to clean soluble dirt such as general muck or soiling there is often no better result than when using a Cold Pressure Washer. Even on road going vehicles, a Cold Water Pressure Washer used frequently is highly effective.

Typical uses for Cold Pressure Washers include the exterior top washing only of small through to large commercial vehicles including Emergency Services and "White Fleet" type vehicles; light, medium and heavy plant and machinery equipment debris and mud cleaning; food transporting and processing; waste processing and recycling.

Pros of Cold Pressure Washers

  • Effective for the removal of soiling and substrate e.g. Muck or Heavy Soiling.
  • Ideal for "White Fleet" and Road Going Fleet especially if cleaned regularly.
  • Little maintenance compared to a Hot Water Pressure Washer System.
  • For muck or heavy soiling cleaning, Cold Pressure Washers are often just as effective as Hot Pressure Washers.





Cons of Cold Pressure Washers

  • Depend more on detergents and agitation for tougher jobs than a Hot Water System.
  • Cleaning time longer on tough jobs compared to a Hot Wash System.
  • For oil or greasy cleaning, cold water is less efficient than Hot Water Systems.
  • Not as versatile as a Hot Pressure Washer.

Hot Pressure Washer or Cold Pressure Washer Essential Guide Summary

In short, it really depends on your application. Hot Pressure Washers are the most versatile option but are also the more expensive option. Cold Pressure Washers although limited in their uses, for the right job they can be a very effective and cost saving solution!

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