Hot Pressure Washers

Hot Pressure Washers and Industrial Hot Pressure Washers

Hot Pressure Washers from Rhinowash are capable of dealing with any of your cleaning demands quickly and efficiently and with fewer requirement for detergent.

Our Industrial Hot Pressure Washers are the perfect solution when there is a requirement to clean soluble dirt containing Oil, Grease or Fats.

Hot Pressure Washer Typical Everyday Uses

Our range of Hot Pressure Washers can be used in a variety of situations including:

  • Top washing and under chassis cleaning of small to large commercial vehicles.
  • The cleaning of plant and machinery equipment.

Hot Pressure Washer or Cold Pressure Washer?

Unsure if its Cold or Hot water you require? Check out our RHiNO ST Series Cold Upgrade Pressure Washer which you can upgrade to a fully functioning RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer at a later date.

Choose from the range of Industrial Hot Pressure Washers that Rhinowash have to offer to suit your wash demands.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, our technical engineers can advise a Hot Pressure Washer best suited to your application.