Industrial Cabinet Pressure Washers

Industrial Cabinet Pressure Washers & Static Power Washers

Industrial Cabinet Pressure Washers from Rhinowash are fixed Industrial Pressure Washers that provide a very high level of security. Cabinet Pressure Washers ensure that you have overall control of the machine in your hands.

Save Time and Money with Industrial Cabinet Pressure Washers

Available as a Hot Pressure Washer or a Cold Pressure Washer the Cabinet Washers are capable of dealing with any cleaning demand efficiently.

  • The fuel consumption in our RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer is reduced by almost 25% due to our highly efficient boiler and Flame Failure Device.
  • Cold & Hot Pressure Washers with "After the Pump" Detergent System can reduce detergent costs in some instances by more than 75%.
  • The high levels of Efficiency in Industrial Cabinet Pressure Washers reduces the time spent cleaning which leads to equipment availability and uptime.

Quick Servicing with Cabinet Pressure Washers

The removable modules of the Cabinet Power Washers means that we can offer you a service response that is quick and easy should a problem arise. The removable pump and burner modules can be directly replaced to solve problems efficiently.

Call us today to discuss with our application engineers which of our range will be best suited to your application.