Industrial Power Washers

Industrial Power Washers

Industrial Power Washers are durable, efficient and robust with a very high level of security. The Power Washers from Rhinowash are available in Hot Water or Cold Water versions each capable of tackling any of your cleaning problems and needs.

Industrial Power Washers for all Applications and Needs

Our Industrial Power Washers are designed with the user in mind and are adaptable for any application.

  • Static Pressure Washers ensures that the owner has complete control over the machine at all times and offers a high level of security.
  • Onsite RX Series Pressure Washer System offers you the Ultimate Wash Solution! Easy to operate and install our Onsite Wash can cope and is the answer to all of your wash problems!
  • Mobile Pressure Washers provides you with a wash system that can be wheeled to varying locations when you're washing is not taking place in the same area each time.

Industrial Power Washers that can save you Time and Money!

Our highly efficient Industrial Pressure Washers reduces the time spent cleaning which leads to equipment availability and uptime. The washers have a number of features that can save you money including the energy efficient boiler in our Hot Pressure Washers and the Cost Saving Detergent System that is a feature in all of our systems!