Industrial Pressure Washer Benefit: Large Capacity Detergent Storage

Provides a safe tamperproof detergent supply.

Benefits of Industrial Pressure Washers with Large Capacity Detergent Storage

Industrial Pressure Washers from Rhinowash benefit from Large Capacity Detergent Storage. A standard 205 litre detergent container can be stored easily inside the RX Series Onsite Wash System providing a tamperproof detergent supply. The Pressure Washer owner has total control over the detergent delivered by the Wash System to the operator. The greatly increased secure detergent storage of the Industrial Power Washers, delivers reduced detergent use which saves on detergent cost. The large capacity detergent storage increases the operational cleaning hours between fill ups. This saves time and reduces both spillage and handling risks when filling the detergent of the Power Washer.