Industrial Pressure Washers Testimonial: North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council Environmental Waste Depots tell the benefits of owning a Rhinowash Industrial Pressure Washer and why they would never choose another Pressure Washer again!

"Industrial Pressure Washer Solutions from Rhinowash have proven to be dependable and reliable and provide a good backup service. My colleagues and I have experienced first hand the quality and professionalism provided by Rhinowash. The Rhinowash Service Engineers are always punctual and as a company they do exactly what they say they will do! I have no hesitation in recommending them to others."
Harry Woods, Area Business Manager

Industrial Pressure Washers and North Lanarkshire Council

Before Industrial Pressure Washers were supplied to North Lanarkshire Council from Rhinowash, the Council had to deal with big problems from their Hot Pressure Washers.

In busy Environmental Waste depots such as those in the North Lanarkshire region it is essential that the cleaning of equipment and fleet is carried out daily. With a responsibility for managing transport and uplifts of hundreds of tonnes of waste it is crucial that this critical task is carried out effectively and efficiently in a timely manner!

Industrial Pressure Washer Benefits to North Lanarkshire Council

North Lanarkshire Council found Rhinowash competitors to be unreliable and inconsistent in areas such as cost, reliability and service.

Since investing in Rhinowash Pressure Washer Solutions, North Lanarkshire Council have found:

  • We provide effective Pressure Washer solutions that are robust and suited to withstand the harsh environment they operate in.
  • Our Industrial Pressure Washer Solutions have proven to be dependable and reliable and provide a good backup service.
  • Consistent high levels of Pressure Washer reliability and service have enabled the Council to fix costs through Rhinowash Extended Warranty schemes, providing cover for equipment into it's 5th year!

Introduction of Rhinowash throughout North Lanarkshire depots

The positive experience with Rhinowash has led to the introduction of the RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer and RHiNO RX Series Hot Onsite Wash System throughout North Lanarkshire, not only in Environmental Waste Depots but also at Cleansing; Land Management and Landfill sites.

The other North Lanarkshire Council Depots have experienced the same level and consistency of service from their Rhinowash Industrial Pressure Washers.

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