Industrial Pressure Washers Testimonial: The City of Edinburgh Council

The City of Edinburgh Council City Fleet Maintenance prove the Cost and Time Saving benefits owning a Rhinowash Industrial Pressure Washer can bring!

"We are very happy with your service which has been proven to be great value for money. I would give our recommendation to anyone! Since the first day we used Rhinowash their word has been their bond." -
Pat Traynor, Contracts Manager

"Best machine I've had in my 39 years at the council. Can't believe how much we have saved due to the Rhinowash Cost Saving Detergent System! Your service and staff have been excellent and are always willing to help/discuss things when required." -
Workshop Superintendent


Industrial Pressure Washers and the The City of Edinburgh Council

Industrial Pressure Washers, between 1980 and 2006, were a nightmare for the busy City Fleet Maintenance depot at City of Edinburgh.

The Russell Road depot provides support for approximately 150 vehicles dedicated to transporting hundreds of tonnes of waste throughout Scotland's Capital city. Cleaning therefore is an everyday essential for ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

Pressure Washer Benefits to the Council from Rhinowash

Prior to 2006, Industrial Pressure Washers on site at Russell Road constantly broke down; caused headaches and wasted valuable money and time. With a requirement to have a Pressure Washer working 9-10 hours each day, 5 days a week - The City of Edinburgh Council needed an Industrial Wash System they could rely on.

Since investing with Rhinowash in 2006 in a RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer before upgrading to a RHiNO RX Series Hot Onsite Wash System in 2009, The City of Edinburgh Council has found:

  • Detergent consumption reduced by more than 75% from 15,000 litres to 4,000 litres per year!
  • Preventative maintenance now almost guarantees near zero downtime!
  • Tasks such as cleaning oil leaks previously took much longer than it does now with the fantastic performance of Rhinowash Equipment!

Pressure Washers and day to day tasks

Using Rhinowash Pressure Washers also allows the Council to ensure the customer comes first in terms of looking after Edinburgh by saving them time when carrying out day to day cleaning. The washers also assist in The City of Edinburgh Councils aim to become a top performing council and demonstrate our commitment to deliver a quality service at all times by using Pressure Washers which they can rely on.

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