Industrial Pressure Washers & Winter Cleaning of Essential Vehicles

Industrial Pressure Washers are the most powerful and effective cleaning machines used in the maintenance and winter cleaning of gritting Lorries and other similar vehicles

Essential Winter Cleaning of vehicles using Industrial Pressure Washers

During the winter months; motorists and pedestrians count on streets, roads and motorways to be clear of snow and ice for their daily journeys. Rhinowash Industrial Pressure Washers play an important role in the Winter Cleaning and maintenance of the essential vehicles used to clear roads of snow which are exposed to the potentially corrosive material - gritting salt!

Rhinowash Hot Industrial Pressure Washers and Winter Cleaning

The RHiNO ST Series Hot Pressure Washer combines high pressure levels with high flow rates to allow the Power Washer operator to clean away residues from a wide variety of sources including very corrosive gritting salt.

With a pressure force between 83 bar (1200 psi) to 180 bar (2600 psi) the Rhinowash Industrial Power Washer is an enormous benefit to the professional and industrial user with applications from the moderately heavy soiling to the extremely heavy soiling.

Pressure Washer Detergents and Hot Water Industrial Pressure Washers

The effectiveness of the Rhinowash Hot Water Pressure Washers is further enhanced when coupled with Pressure Washer Detergents as well as hot water. The RHiNO Detergents quickly dissolve substances and stains on contact to speed up the cleaning process.

A Secure Industrial Pressure Washer Solution

If the security of the Power Washer on-site is a problem for your Roads & Highways Maintenance department, why not consider our RHiNO RX Series Hot Onsite Wash System. The RHiNO RX Series is a fully containerised Pressure Washer with lockable doors which gives you the ability to control who uses the Wash System and when.

To ensure the successful cleaning and maintenance of any street cleaning vehicle always consider Rhinowash Hot Industrial Pressure Washers!