Jet Washers

Jet Washers & Pressure Washers

Jet Pressure Washers from Rhinowash are ideal for the industrial and commercial user as they are very powerful cleaning machines. Available in Hot Water Pressure Washer and Cold Water Pressure Washeroptions, the Pressure Washers are capable of dealing with cleaning demands quickly and efficiently.

Jet Washers & Cost Savings

These Jet Washers achieve exceptional cleaning results in demanding environments and offer a more economic solution to your wash needs.

  • Fuel consumption is reduced by almost 25% in our Hot Static Pressure Washers due to our highly efficient boiler and Flame Failure Device.
  • The "After the Pump" Detergent System in our Jet Washers can reduce detergent costs in some instances by more than 75%.
  • Claim an ECA Scheme Claim Back on all 3ph, 415V Hot & Cold Pressure Washer models. Reduces initial Capital Expenditure by as much as £615.00!

Jet Washers & Time Saving

The wash systems from Rhinowash are highly efficient and reliable. The Jet Wash Systems can reduce the time spent cleaning vehicles and equipment which leads to increased equipment availability and uptime.

Call us today to discuss with our application engineers which of our range of Industrial Pressure Washers will be best suited to your application.