Pressure Washer Essential Guides

Pressure Washer Essential Guide and Tips

Hot Pressure Washer or Cold Pressure Washer?

The desire to have a Hot Water Pressure Washer has become common place for a large portion of Industrial Pressure Washer users, but is a Hot Pressure Washer always the better option?

Our guide provides you with the most common differences between Hot Pressure Washers and Cold Pressure Washers to help you decide which is best for your requirements.

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Industrial Pressure Washer Location - What does it Matter?

A key issue for any good wash facility is location. Even the best Industrial Pressure Wash Equipment sited in the wrong place can result in disaster!

Too often poor advice is given on the installation of Wash System equipment. Our guide highlights the essential points to consider when choosing the location of your Pressure Washer.

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Static Pressure Washer or Mobile Pressure Washer?

Industrial Pressure Washer users often have the mis-conception that their only option when choosing a Pressure Washer is to choose a Mobile Power Washer

However, if your wash operations are carried out in a specific or defined area, why not choose a Static Pressure Washer?

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Pressure Washer Power Struggle - 240V or 415V?

The question of power is an important one for any successful Pressure Washing area.

The wide availability of 240V often means that no other power option is considered when choosing an Industrial Pressure Washer. However, for most this could prove a costly mistake . . .

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Balance of Power, Pressure & Volume with Pressure Washers

Creating a balance between Power, Pressure and Volume is important when choosing a Pressure Washer. Too much of one can result in a poor cleaning performance. But what should this balance be?

Due to its name - Pressure Washer - it is often wrongly assumed that a higher pressure value means a better cleaning performance. However, this is only one factor that contributes to the performance.

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Pressure Washer High or Low Pressure Detergent

Most Industrial Pressure Washers are fitted with the facility to apply a detergent or chemical whilst cleaning. But should this be set at High or Low Pressure Detergent?

It is easy to assume that High Pressure provides better than Low Pressure. Our guide allows you to understand the operation of each and then you can decide which is best . . .

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