Pressure Washer High or Low Pressure Detergent

Most Industrial Pressure Washers are fitted with the facility to apply a detergent or chemical whilst cleaning. But should this be set at High or Low Pressure Detergent?

It is easy to assume that High Pressure provides better than Low Pressure. Our guide allows you to understand the operation of each and then you can decide which is best . . .

High Pressure Detergent v Low Pressure Detergent

To understand which is best we have to understand both the function of detergents and also the effective application of Industrial Pressure Washers.

The detergent used with Pressure Washers is a cleansing agent designed to aid the breakdown of contaminants on a surface or object.

The detergent should be applied as a "film" or "coating" on the surface and given sufficient time to allow the detergent to assist the breakdown of the contamination being removed. Read our tips on How to Use a Pressure Washer Effectively.


So what is Best High or Low Pressure Washer Detergent?

When you consider the effectiveness of how detergent operates by assisting the breakdown of contaminants and the effectiveness when the proper method of Pressure Washing is carried out, you begin to understand why High Pressure Detergent Systems can prove wasteful and inefficient when compared to a Low Pressure System.

With a High Pressure Detergent System, vast amounts of detergent can be wasted if exuberant detergent application is permitted during normal operation. Operators are free to clean for long periods of time applying both detergent and water at high pressure.

In addition to the fact it can be wasteful and inefficient. It is also more damaging to components and can decrease reliability and life expectancy of equipment.

On the other hand a low pressure system operating at reduced pressure, the operator is required to switch off the detergent to achieve normal high pressure.

This requirement to switch off the detergent to regain power, results in both correct operation and the most efficient cleaning methods being adopted.

In addition to minimising waste and improving efficiency, a Low Pressure Detergent system is extremely reliable and has no detrimental impact on equipment or life expectancy.

Benefits of Low Pressure Detergent Systems

  • Reduced amounts of airborne chemicals.
  • Significant financial savings due to a reduction in detergent usage.
  • A reduction in Environmental Impact due to less detergent going down drains.
  • Improved reliability of equipment.
  • Safer and faster method of detergent application.

By understanding this you can make an informed decision for your requirements.



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