RhinoNews: 240V or 415V?

The question of power is an important one for any successful Pressure Washing area.

The wide availability of 240V often means that no other power option is considered when choosing an Industrial Pressure Washer. However, for most this could prove a costly mistake . . .

RhinoNews: 240 Volt or 415 Volt Pressure Washer?

Our essential guide below explains the differences between 240V and 415V Wash Equipment.

240V Industrial Pressure Washers

240 VOLT models are the most common type of Industrial Pressure Washer on the market. This is due to 240V power supplies being readily available in almost all habitable places.

It is also because 240 Volt equipment can be manufactured at very low costs using cheap mass produced components during manufacturing.

It should be understood, however, that 240 volt supplies have limitations in the maximum output which can be achieved.

This ultimately determines the resultant output performance of the Pressure Washer.

415V Industrial Pressure Washers

415 VOLT models are less common but nonetheless readily available.

415V models tend to be offered when the customer knows what they want or when the equipment is being offered by a person with experience in the Pressure Washer industry.

As 415 Volt models are not offered as often in the market place, some Pressure Wash suppliers will charge a premium due to 415V equipment being a non-standard stock item to them. However, professional Industrial Pressure Washer firms will frequently be dealing with both voltage options.

Below is a brief summary identifying the pros and cons to help you choose the Power option most appropriate for your needs.


Recommended when the Wash Equipment is being used within a domestic environment or when 415V supply is not available.

  • Power supply is available almost everywhere.
  • Less energy efficient than 415 volt Power Washer models.
  • Pressure Washer can be easily relocated to a new location.
  • Limited volume and pressure of Wash Equipment.


Recommended for industrial and commercial operations. Improved operational performances can be achieved to improve cleaning performance and capability which will result in faster and more efficient cleaning.

  • Unrestricted Pressure Washer performance.
  • Supply not always conveniently available.
  • Faster and energy efficient.
  • Not always easy to relocate Wash Equipment if supply not available.
  • Improved cleaning performance and capability.

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