Royal Air Force

Royal Air Force

Rhinowash continue to support the UK Royal Air Force with Wash Systems for cleaning fleet vehicles and plant at air bases throughout the UK.

In addition we also support the Aircraft Fleet with specialised Aircraft Wash Systems suitable for safe and fast, effective and efficient Aircraft Cleaning.

Royal Air Force Case Study

In continuation with our work over the years with the UK Ministry of Defence, Rhinowash recently worked with key military personnel and specialists from various platforms and departments to develop a solution to an Operational requirement to safely and effectively clean Military aircrafts.

The combined expertise and knowledge of both these skilled and knowledgeable personnel along with our own specialist and technical personnel produced a system which not only solved the existing issues and problems associated with conventional aircraft wash systems including expensive damage and impractical and inefficient operational requirements but provided a faster, simpler and more robust and deployable system.

The developed deployable solution allowed cleaning to be carried out faster than ever before, in more places than ever before whilst proving to be simpler than any previous systems.

Mounted on a road towable trailer with independent Multi Fuel power source, large capacity water storage and secure stowage of all necessary tools all available at the simple turn of a key switch we developed and produced a simple and cost effective Wash System ideal for washing Military Aircrafts

The same deployable solution was then developed in a format suitable for Airbases with more permanent wash facilities with the added benefit of two or more operators at anyone time. The implementation of these Fixed wash solutions has reduced cleaning time of a Chinook Helicopter from a previous minimum 4 hours with 4 personnel to less than 2 hours with only 2 personnel. The simple easy to use system has replaced a complicated system which consisted of valves and complex settings improved speed and efficiencies and operator satisfaction.