Scotkleen Warwick is now Rhinowash!

On the 8th July 2009, Scotkleen-Warwick changed its name to Rhinowash.

After 35 years under the Scotkleen name, the name change is simply an example of how we are changing and evolving to suit today's current market.

What it means to Current Customers

The name change makes no difference to the relationship our current customers have with us. All existing contracts, service and support for models carrying the Scotkleen-Warwick branding will be supported fully. The same familiar faces and staff will be here as normal.

Rhinowash still offer the same core products in our range of Pressure Washers, which reflect the Scotkleen values of reliability, durability and serviceability.

Thank you for choosing to be a Scotkleen-Warwick customer, and we welcome you to Rhinowash!