Static Pressure Washer or Mobile Pressure Washer?

Industrial Pressure Washer users often have the mis-conception that their only option when choosing a Pressure Washer is to choose a Mobile Power Washer

However, if your wash operations are carried out in a specific or defined area, why not choose a Static Pressure Washer?

Static Pressure Washer or Mobile Pressure Washer: Essential Guide

Too often when choosing wash equipment, people are given the wrong advice and automatically choose a Mobile Pressure Washer when it is often the least effective option.

If like many wash operations your cleaning is carried out in a defined and specific location due to drainage or management of waste, you should consider a Static Pressure Washer system.

Why a Static Pressure Washer?

Portable Pressure Washers, although with their benefits, are not always the ideal solution. Pressure Washer users should consider a Static Wash System for a number of reasons including safety, security and convenience.

  • Industrial Pressure Washer Safety

A Mobile Pressure Washer unit is designed to be flexible so therefore has a loose power cable and is connected via a typical water hose connection. These trailing cables can become a trip hazard. There is also a significant risk of electric shock due to the presence of water in the same area. Mobile Wash Systems are often found in random positions and areas where moving vehicles and plant are present. The Pressure Washer then becomes an undesirable collision object.

Compare this to having a Static Pressure Washer in a defined wash bay location with permanent supplies, similar to your washing machine at home, and you have no exposed or trailing cables to create a hazard.

  • Industrial Pressure Washer Security

Portable and Mobile Wash Equipment is highly susceptible to theft as they are simple to disconnect and can be easily handled and moved into a vehicle.

Compare this to Static Equipment which consists of a secure lockable cabinet which is mechanically anchored to a concrete plinth or slab and theft is practically impossible.

  • Industrial Pressure Washer Convenience

Portable units may be convenient for flexibility to use in many locations however it is inconvenient when it has been stored away and you have to spend time to set it up again.

Compare this with the convenience of the Static which is setup and available for use at all time at the simple press of a button with no need to think about setting up or putting away. This will save you time and money and is definitely the more convenient option for any operation.

  • Industrial Pressure Washer Compliance

Health and Safety Environmental legislation compliance is essential when carrying out any wash activities.

This requires safe and suitable practices to be adopted and whilst it is easy to see why a Fixed Pressure Washer installation is far safer and more desirable from a Health and Safety Executive, it may not be as obvious to see why it would be more advantageous than a Mobile Wash Solution in complying with environmental legislation.

However, a defined wash area should be equipped with appropriate drainage for handling the effluent from the actual cleaning carried out there, however due to the portable and flexible nature of the Mobile System, the operator is free to clean almost anywhere without suitably assessing the impact and result of effluent created by the activity itself.

Uncontrolled disposal of effluent can lead to disastrous results such as harmful materials discharging directly into main water courses which can be harmful to wildlife and marine life which can be associated with significant legal penalties and fines.

Industrial Pressure Washers Pros & Cons: Static or Mobile? You decide!

Below we have summarised the main Pros and Cons of Static and Mobile Pressure Washer Solutions to help assist you identify the solution best suited for your needs.

Pros of Static Pressure Washers

  • Reduces risk of theft.
  • Reduces risk of tampering.
  • Reduces the dependency on detergent.
  • Enhances Operator Safety favored by HSE.
  • Protected from costly frost damage.
  • Increased Reliability due to stationary position.


Cons of Static Pressure Washers

  • Restricted to one location of use.



Pros of Mobile Pressure Washers

  • Versatility of use in multiple areas.

Cons of Mobile Pressure Washers

  • Risk of trip and electrocution from trailing power and water cables.
  • Highly susceptible to theft.
  • Unaccountable set up and stow away costs.
  • Susceptible to costly frost damage.
  • Increased contamination risk from uncontrolled effluent into water courses.
  • Increased risk of damage due to continuous movement and relocating.

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