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No matter how big or small the job, Rhinowash has the right solution for you. Because oupressure washers are designed and manufactured in our Scottish HQ, we know that everything we provide is of the very highest quality. We believe that each Rhinowash need is unique, which is why we offer our clients tailor-made solutions. So, tell us your problems today and let Rhinowash wash them away.

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    40 Years of robustness
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    Guaranteed first time fix
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    Built to last

Availability of Parts


Scenario 1 - Your machine breaks down, you call out an engineer who may take a few days to get there. Once there, they diagnose the problem but need to order part(s) which they have advised may take 3-5 days and there’s no guarantee that the new parts will solve the problem.

Scenario 2 – Your machine breaks down, you call out an engineer and they arrive on-site that day to fix the machine – great! Once the engineer assesses the issue, they advise they need to order the parts which again, could take another few days.

That’s a lot of downtime for a business that relies heavily on their pressure washer. At Rhinowash, we promise to be there that business day or next working business morning. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee a 1st-time fix, every time to ensure our customers are always up and running.


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