At Rhinowash, we understand that the aim of the game is keeping your business in tip-top shape while keeping costs down. But how can you keep costs down with your pressure washer?   In this blog, we give you our three top tips for keeping your costs down with your pressure washer.   1- Choose the model that’s right for you.   Make […]

At Rhinowash we design & manufacture our wash systems to ensure a flexibility to cater to a variety of needs.  All our products have the same Quick Swap Modular Design which guarantees a 1st time fix, every time.  RX Series  The RX system is more than just a pressure washer its the most comprehensive & convenient turn-key wash solution on […]

RHINOWASH MODULAR SYSTEM: EXPLAINED  Here at Rhinowash, we’ve been in the business of pressure washers for over 50 years. That means we’ve seen it all and know exactly what you need from your pressure washer – which is why we designed a unique modular system which we manufacture right here at Rhinowash HQ in Scotland.   What is the Modular System?   […]

Pressure washers are needed all year round, but when bad weather comes in with the winter, it can be difficult to make sure your equipment is working fully.   From frozen pipes to broken hoses and lances, a compromised pressure washer can mean expensive downtime for your business. But with some top tips on how to ensure […]