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Plant and Construction Pressure Washer Solution Summary

Rhinowash worked closely with Davis Track Hire to come up with a solution to their pressure washer issues. Temperture, soap despensing and pressure output causing issues in current fleet. Downtime was too high as previous system was clogging and breaking down.

Rhinowash provided a pressure washer solution for their vehicles that provided the desired control as well as a 1st time fix guarantee to give peace of mind should any issues arise we would be on site in 24hrs to fix.

Family owned and operating since 2010, Davis Trackhire quickly gained a reputation among the Construction and Events sectors as one of the most professional, reliable, and customer-focused temporary access suppliers in the industry. Offering a fully comprehensive and competitive nationwide service from depots in Glasgow and Retford – and are now recognised as the UK’s largest independent suppliers of aluminium trackway.

Davis Trackhire supplies portable aluminium roadway (Trackway) and associated equipment to create access over soft or unstable ground. These portable roadway panels can be joined together to form roads and set-down areas in whatever size or configuration required. Davis Trackhire offers a fully comprehensive service including in-depth site survey, delivery, installation, and recovery.

Davis Trackhire assesses every site individually to determine the right type and amount of equipment required to achieve their customer’s goal. They then send a team of highly trained and experienced installation engineers to site, equipped with the very best tools, trucks and equipment possible. With multiple depots throughout the UK and an ever-expanding stockholding, Davis Trackhire can be on site within 24 hours of an initial enquiry.


Davis Trackhire prides themselves on having an immaculate fleet with products being delivered just as clean. It is important to the business to have vehicles arriving on site in pristine condition, which requires a reliable cleaning system. Speed and ease of operating the system is vital.

Previous cleaning systems did not supply the desired control over temperature, the amount of soap dispensed or the pressure output. This resulted in adverse effects on the livery on trucks including stickers peeling off and cost implications of using too much soap.

The fuel tanks on the previous pressure washers were small. The insufficient capacity resulted in frequent refueling by the staff as well as increased risk of contamination of containers. This inevitably led to issues such as clogged filters.

Downtime is something all businesses can do without and try to limit. The previous wash system would breakdown due to the frequency of use and inability to cope with the unfavourable weather conditions.


Rhinowash have installed a pressure washing system for Davis Trackhire that not only provides the desired control but also allows for the right amount of soap to be used, at the right temperature and the right pressure. The ease of use and readiness of the machinery, allows the Davis Trackhire drivers to wash their vehicles quickly and efficiently. 

The Rhinowash system with its large fuel tank reduces the amount of refuels dramatically to only once or twice per year. These refills are straight from the fuel supplier with no contamination meaning far less breakdowns.

In the unlikely event that Rhinowash are called out to resolve a problem, their 1st time fix guarantee will have the machine up and running immediately after diagnosing the fault. The quick swap modular design gives the engineer the ability to rapidly swap in a new module to immediately have the machine ready for use.

Rhinowash engineers carry replacement modules to every call out to ensure they can have any machine up and running while they diagnose the issue. Should a module need to be repaired or replaced, the engineer will come back out to install the repaired or new module.

Rhinowash aim to be on site as soon as they receive a call, usually same day but always within 24 hours. This results in a quick and efficient service with no downtime for their customers.


A word from Blake Davis, Director at Davis Trackhire

“We’ve been working with Rhinowash since 2016 and the difference for us is the consistency. We know that when our drivers arrive back to the depot on a Friday, they can clean the trucks down without any issues, much quicker than when using previous less reliable systems.

On the odd occasion that we have had to call Rhinowash out, the fact that their modular system allows them to remove and replace instantly means that there is no down time. If a part needs to be repaired or eventually replaced, we are still up and running that same day.

I would highly recommend Rhinowash to anyone that really wants a consistent, reliable wash system.”

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