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Building a Customer Centred Business

What Makes a Company An Ideal Choice When Buying High-Quality Pressure Washers in Scotland

Rhinowash Director Mark Burns is answering the age-old question “How do you put your customers first whilst protecting the bottom line?”, whilst explaining how our customer-centred business strategy not only protects the values which Rhinowash was built on but how it actually benefits both our customers and the business as a whole. We would never […]


How to Choose the Right Product for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Product for Your Business

Rhinowash Director Mark Burns has been sharing his thoughts on the many considerations that are necessary when you’re deliberating on how to choose the right product for your business, from the environment, security, specifications and convenience. Which is the most important factor to Rhinowash? Read the full article below. For many businesses wash equipment such […]


Opinion: It’s Not Just Pressure Washers, it’s a Passion

mobile pressure washer scotland

Rhinowash is a company built on passion, as well as reliability, trust and honesty – which is why Director Mark Burns believes the company has been able to forge long lasting relationships without negating their core values. Read the full article below. At Rhinowash, our company values are so intrinsically intertwined with our business strategy, […]