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Spotlight On: Quick Swap Modular Design

Spotlight On: Quick Swap Modular Design

Here at Rhinowash, we can guarantee the first-time fix if anything were to go wrong with your pressure washer. How can we make this promise you may ask? Our completely unique, industry-leading Quick Swap Modular Design is how. This allows us to fix any issues the same day, or the very next morning. No stalling […]


Rhinowash RX Series Vs. Conventional Pressure Washer Fuel Arrangements

Ever wondered what the benefits are of our RX Series, in comparison to conventional pressure washer fuel arrangements? Filled directly from fuel tanker to bunded fuel tank When it’s filled direct to the bunded fuel tank, you are minimising the risk of spillages and cross-contamination. You can benefit from 215 hours runtime before refuelling is […]