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Make Sure Your Pressure Washer Is Ready For Winter

Pressure washers are needed all year round, but when bad weather comes in with the winter, it can be difficult to make sure your equipment is working fully.

From frozen pipes to broken hoses and lances, a compromised pressure washer can mean expensive downtime for your business. But with some top tips on how to ensure your pressure washer is winter-ready, you’ll get through the colder months without a problem.

  • Check that any frost protection fitted is working. Without frost protection, you may experience frozen pipes, which are expensive to fix and can put your pressure washer out of use for several days.

  • Ensure wash system doors and lids are closed for optimum frost protection. It may seem arbitrary, but a fully closed door and locked away system can be the difference between a frozen, broken machinery and just cold machinery.

  • Before the worst of the weather really sets in, be sure to check your pump oil and fuel filters to avoid those costly bills.

  • Remember to call your Rhinowash team to have your machine fully serviced and ready to handle the incoming weather fronts to save you from trouble later down the line.

  • Make sure your water supply is insulated or isolated to protect it from the cold.

  • Purchase an emergency spare hose and gun lance to ensure you can get up and running again quickly should anything go wrong.

Following these steps will not only save you time but also will ensure your pressure washer system is winter-ready.

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