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Mobile vs Static: The Benefits of Static Industrial Pressure Washers

A Rhinowash industrial pressure washer.

Everyone knows the infamous yellow pressure washers on wheels, pictured in countless cleaning advertisements. As both industry experts and pressure washer manufacturers, you may be surprised to learn that here at Rhinowash, mobile pressure washers only make up a small percentage of our sales. Why? Get ready to find out the main benefits of static pressure washers!

Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We ensure that the individualised and modified industrial pressure washer solution we provide is right for our clients, regardless of type. We understand that at first glance, mobile pressure washers may seem the ideal solution for a variety of cleaning tasks. However, based on our years of experience working with clients in a variety of industries including Plant and Equipment, Road Haulage and Local Authorities, we have found that the most popular choice is a permanent, static type pressure washer.

So why do they choose a static pressure washer? Contact us today to talk through your individual requirements in detail or keep reading to find out the numerous benefits of static pressure washers.


Mobile pressure washers can be very susceptible to theft. We understand that a pressure washer is an investment that you want to protect. Our static pressure washers are manufactured as be safe from theft and operator misuse. The integral door security system on our RX Series restricts access to increase security and the detergent is pre-metered in locked cabinets to prevent any potential tampering, as well as to avoid any contamination risks.


Safety is paramount when operating a pressure washer as you’re dealing with high-pressure water and electricity. In comparison to our static RX and ST series models, mobile units pose multiple increased risks. These include from trips and falls from trailing power and water cables, electrocution or contamination risk from uncontrolled effluent into watercourse and the increased risk of damage from continuous movement relocation.


We understand that for many that cleaning is thankless task. So, it’s vital that we make our machines as convenient as possible for our clients. Whilst mobile pressure washers may seem convenient if you leave it outside by accident if it freezes or is stolen, it suddenly doesn’t feel as convenient. Additionally, once you consider time spent moving it around, setting it up each time and refuelling it, you’ll realise that a static pressure washer could save you both time and money. What our static pressure washers offer is a suitable machine is a designated area that is simple and easy to use.

Built to Last

Our machines are built to withstand the most severe of weather conditions. The RX Series features thermal insulation for enhanced protection at sub-zero temperatures. This is a thermally insulated heat trace system to protect the hose from pump to reel. It also comes with a frost protection system that keeps your machine safe from costly frost damage. It’s part of the Rhinowash service that we’ll work with you to assess your location and surrounding environment. The machine installed is protected from the elements, securing its longevity and protecting your investment. However, if that location is outside, be rest assured that our machines are built to withstand the toughest and most demanding of environments.

Looking to make an enquiry about one of our static industrial pressure wash solutions? Get in touch today with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Call us now on 0333 207 9274.


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