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No matter how big or small the job, Rhinowash has the right solution for you. Because oupressure washers are designed and manufactured in our Scottish HQ, we know that everything we provide is of the very highest quality. We believe that each Rhinowash need is unique, which is why we offer our clients tailor-made solutions.So, tell us your problems today and let Rhinowash wash them away. 

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    40 Years of robustness
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    Guaranteed first time fix
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    British Made
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    Built to last

Rhinowash Pressure Washer Quick Swap Modular Design

  • What is it?

    They are the 2 key components that make our pressure washers work – The Pump and the Burner (Burners are for Hot machines only).

  • How did it come about?

    In late 2001 a series of unforeseen events and a shortage in our capacity of highly specialised and multi-skilled & qualified engineers resulted for the first time in our history letting down customers due to being unable to respond in a timely enough manner when electromechanical components failed.

    Our Modular design concept was borne from the pain of that experience and a strong desire to never again find ourselves in a position whereby a lack of personnel or specialised skillsets would restrict our ability to deliver our promises.

  • Why does it matter?

    Long and short of it, if it breaks down, our engineers swap it out with another module from their van and get you back up and running there are then. No waiting about for parts, having days of downtime and work stacking up. It’s a 1st time fix, guaranteed. We also give our customers time to assess whether they want to repair their module. No pressure or rush, just time to make an informed decision whilst there’s no downtime.

  • Environmental Focus

    At Rhinowash, we’re all about sustainability which is why we’ve made our products to last. However, with finite resources and the environments that our equipment is in, it’s important that we revive & remanufacture the product at a critical point in its lifecycle to minimise waste.

    Little did we know, our modular design components and how we would come to handle them at “end of life” would result in the beginning of our circular economy journey for many years without knowing it.