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Industry Leading

Pressure Washers 

Do you need an Industrial Pressure Washer? 

Rhinowash - 1st Time Fix Guaranteed
Rhinowash - Quick Swap Modules
1st Time Fix Guaranteed

Our unique, quick swap modular design allows us to fix any issues the same day, or next morning, ensuring a 1st Time Fix, Guaranteed. 

Our completely unique, industry leading Quick Swap Modular Design enables our engineers to quickly and efficiently fix any issues in a matter of minutes.

Buying a Rhinowash

Industrial Pressure Washer

When you purchase a Rhinowash Industrial Pressure Washer, you buy more than just that. You'll receive the best wash system in the UK, used by councils, emergency services and the MOD. Quality, durability and robustness, everything you would expect from a Made in Britain product. We will tailor a Pressure Washing System for your requirements to enable you to handle all cleaning requirements with ease.  

Rhinowash -  Road Transport
Rhinowash - Local Authorities
Rhinowash - Plant and Construction

We’ve been serving the road transport industry for over 40 years, and we’ve built up the knowledge and experience to provide the best, tailor-made solutions for our customers. 

From John O’Groats to Lands End, our council depots rely heavily on their products to ensure they can maintain their products. We ensure our products match our customers’ requirements to get the job done.

We understand how hard it is to maintain equipment that works 24/7 in some of the most arduous conditions which is why we’ve built our products around our customers needs to ensure it never lets you down!

Rhinowash - Rhino One Pressure washer



Industry Solutions

At Rhinowash, we provide power washer solutions for the big jobs, from road haulage and transport, to food processing and construction. We work with all kinds of industries, because we promise to give you our best advice every time – even if Rhinowash isn’t the right solution for you this time.

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Main benefits are reliability… It’s reliable & it’s lasted years and will continue to use Rhinowash for a number of years. 

John Whittaker

Grounds Maintenance Manager

North Lanarkshire Council

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