Can’t Stop a Rhino! Pressure Washers

Rhinowash’s tough pressure washer solutions come with over 40 years’ experience and fast, first-class service. You can trust us to keep your fleet spotless and on the road.

We don’t do “out the box” solutions. Each problem is unique, and we will give you a solution that is tailor-made to you. Get started by telling us what the issue is and we will show how we have helped some of our dedicated customers…

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40 Years of robustness

40 Years of robustness

Rhinowash have been around for a while.  Our years earned expertise and experience mean we know exactly what you need from your power washer.

Guaranteed first time fix

Guaranteed first time fix

Our unique, quick swap modular design allows us to fix any issues the same day, or next morning. No stalling, No delay with ordering parts - Rhinowash gets the job done.  

British Made

British Made

We design, manufacture, install and service our own products - this makes us 100% unique in the industry.

Built to last

Built to last

Like rhinos, everything we provide is robust - our products are built to withstand extreme weather with routine servicing, and our preventative care packages ensure you get the most from your equipment. 

Industry Solutions

At Rhinowash, we provide power washer solutions for the big jobs, from road haulage and transport, to food processing and construction. We work with all kinds of industries, because we promise to give you our best advice every time – even if Rhinowash isn’t the right solution for you this time.

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Who we work with

  • Scottish Power
  • Abellio
  • BP
  • Edinburgh City Council
  • Royal AirForce
  • Mulholland
  • Scania
  • Central Coaches
  • Dem Master
  • North Council
  • Renault Trucks
  • Volvo Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is pressure washing?

    Pressure washing is the use of a high-pressure water spray that can remove even the toughest build-up of dirt and grime, both indoors and outdoors, across a variety of surfaces. The high-pressure water travels through a hose to a spray gun with a nozzle at the end, which is used to direct the spay as you clean, loosening dirt and flushing it away. Whilst there are varying flow and pressure rates, it’s estimated that the pressure is 60 times that of a garden hose!

  • What are the benefits of pressure washing?

    For those who think that pressure washer cleaning solutions aren’t vital to your business operations, think again! We believe that a wash system is an integral part to many businesses, as this ensures that your vehicles are kept in the best condition possible to ensure that they can perform to their optimum ability and so reducing any downtime. Our machines are manufactured in the UK, to the highest quality, so you can trust that your equipment is built to last and can be relied upon for many years to come.

  • How does the Rhinowash pressure washer work?

    At Rhinowash, we offer not just one but two of the highest quality pressure washer solutions on the market, the RX Series and the ST Series. Both products have been built with reliability and simplicity as base fundamentals. The ST series is durable and serviceable and can personalised to fit your needs with varying performances and add on accessories. Whereas the RX series is the ultimate solution for any location, as it can withstand even the most severe weather conditions and offers both remote operation and secure locking, keeping the operator and the pressure washer equipment safe.

  • What is the difference between a pressure washer and a power washer?

    To be honest, there is no difference as practically they are the same machine and serve the same purpose. The terms are loosely used interchangeably—a bit like a vacuum and a hoover.

  • What's the difference between a jet washer and a pressure washer?

    Both use high pressure water for cleaning. A jet washer uses only hot water for cleaning; however pressure washers can use both cold and hot water for cleaning purposes efficiently.

  • Where can I find the pressure washer near me?

    Rhinowash is a trusted company which can be contacted near you in Scotland, for all kinds of pressure water cleaning services, power washing services. We offer professional services. We also have Pressure Washer and power washing products for all type of your industry needs Local Authorities, Plant and Construction, Road Transport and more.

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