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Pressure Washing Solutions For Military & Civilian Aircraft

With over 40 years’ experience in serving the aircraft industry, our Aircraft Wash Systems are essential for Ground or Forward Support in both Military & Civilian locations all over the world, supporting fixed-wing or rotary aircrafts alike.

We have Durability

A frequent efficient washing regime reduces maintenance costs from airframe corrosion whilst increasing operational efficiencies such as reduced fuel costs that result from reduced drag on well-maintained airframe surfaces.   

Our system developed in conjunction with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) and British Royal Air Force, has been approved suitable for use across a wide variety of fixed wing and rotary aircraft models from manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Westland and Sikorsky.  

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We have Reliability

Designed to be simple, fast, and easy to deploy its suitable for the aggressive environments across the globe. Thermal protection systems, resistance to abuse and pre-installed services requiring only a power and water supply; mean that whether it’s desert or arctic environments you can be confident of a system available and ready to work when you are.  

With twin-operator capacity as standard, you maximise aircraft availability and labour utilisation whilst reducing cleaning times and associated costs.  Available in “non-heated” and “heated” water versions.   

Rhinowash - Aircraft pressure washing 2

We are Serviceable

Rhinowash equipment is proven to be reliable, durable, and serviceable- designed to work in the most demanding environments without failure. Our unique Quick Swap Modular Systems (LRU - Line Replacement Units) guarantees confidence of uptime for even the most critical operations.  

Equipment is fully fitted with a Toolbox which ensures Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Compliance.

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Your can view our FAQ's here, watch explainer videos in our Knowledge Centre, or contact us to speak to an experienced Rhinowash team member. 

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