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Reliable, Durable and Serviceable

The Rhinowash industrial pressure washer ST Series is reliable, durable and serviceable. Our static pressure washers are engineered to thrive even in the most demanding of environments and to overcome your challenges without failure.

Should problems arise, we offer an unrivalled service response with our unique removable pump and burner components of our static pressure washers. Machine downtime is minimised by quickly substituting either the pump or the burner modules with direct replacements to efficiently solve your problems, fast.

Available with varying performances and additional add on accessories, we have a Rhinowash hot pressure washer to suit your needs.

Rhinowash - ST Series Mocel


Simplicity: Safe & Robust

Hot & Cold Options
Powerful Performance 
Frost Protection
Easy Wind Hose Reel
Easily Maintained

Unique Storage Solution

Made In Britain

Rhinowash - ST Series Open

Hose Reel

Management System


Unique storage solution for hoses & lances.
Prevents trips, slips & falls keeping operators safe.

✓ Thermal insulation for enhanced protection at sub-zero temperatures.
Fully automatic frost protection, saves downtime & costly frost damage to hoses & lances.

Rhinowash - ST Hose reel management


Rhinowash pressure washers offer versatile performance and standard accessories to suit any requirement. The controls are simple, safe, and robust for ease of use. We provide flexible purchase and hire options based on your needs and cashflow. With energy-saving shutdown functionality, our pressure washers promote efficient operation.

Built To Last

Rhinowash pressure washers are engineered to withstand the toughest environments, ensuring reliable performance. With rugged construction, they can endure operator misuse or abuse. The robust industrial design allows for easy maintenance and guarantees reliability. Proudly made in Britain for over 40 years, they exemplify our commitment to quality and durability.

Control Costs

Our Rhinowash pressure washers feature a cost-saving detergent system, reducing wastage and improving cost control. Automatic frost protection safeguards the equipment from costly damage during freezing temperatures. With a secure lockable cabinet and remote station, you have control and peace of mind. We offer customizable care plans across 1-3 years, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Rhinowash - Simplicity - Power Button
Rhinowash - Built To Last Parts
Rhinowash - Control Costs

ST Series In Action

Have a look at our powerful ST Series in action across a number of industries

Rhinowash - ST in Action - Renault cleaning
Rhinowash - ST in Action - Construction vehicle cleaning
Rhinowash - ST in Action - car cleaning
Rhinowash - ST in Action - Construction Vehicle cleaning 2

Don't just take our word for it. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

Watch testimonials from businesses just like yours.

Our Customer Testimonials 

Our Unique, quick swap modular design allows us to fix any issues the same day, or next morning. No stalling, no delay with ordering parts - Rhinowash gets the job done!

Our 1st Time Fix, Guaranteed!

Rhinowash - 1st Time Fix

Your can view our FAQ's here, watch explainer videos in our Knowledge Centre, or contact us to speak to an experienced Rhinowash team member. 

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