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The Best Industrial Pressure Washing Solutions in Britain

From the headquarters in Wishaw, Rhinowash provide a service across the UK in the sale, hire and maintenance of high-performance pressure washers. In over 40 years of operation, the company has developed a range of installed, static pressure washers, distinct from the portable units commonly offered by their competition, which are prone to operator abuse, theft and frost damage.

Rhinowash - Timeline

Our History

At Rhinowash, we’ve been in the business of pressure washers for the last 40 years. As a family run business, we have been working hard since 1975 when our founder Denis Burns, created Power Washing Plant Hire to address the need for an industrial cleaning service.

Over the years, we started to design and build power washers in house as we began to notice the shortcomings of the average pressure washers on the market. It was this decision that caused us to take on not only the design, but the building and manufacturing of our own power washers. This led Burns to launch the brand Scotkleen which evolved into Scotkleen-Warwick after the acquisition of Warwick Power Washer in 1998. Following the invention and implementation of our Quick Swap Modular Design in 2004, the business rebranded as Rhinowash in 2009.

As a family business, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and have been in fantastic working relationships with the likes of Scotrail, Volvo, BP, and more for many years.

To maintain our loyal customer base and show our dedication and commitment to ensuring total satisfaction with our pressure washers, our engineers regularly check up on the machines to make sure they run smoothly and take care of the jobs our clients need them for.

Now 40 years on, we remain dedicated to the same client-focused values instilled in the businesses in 1975 by Denis Burns. Our aim is to always strive to provide new and innovative solutions for our clients that will make any job, big or small, that much easier.

Product progression

As a forward-thinking business, we identified a new requirement to service the power washer industry. Our 1st Time Fix Guarantee and Quick Swap Modular System.  

With more than 40 years of experience, we have proven ourselves in terms of reliability, durability, and quality in our range of equipment, and now recognised as innovative leaders in the industry. 

The marketplace expects such high standards from Rhinowash due to our highly reputable brand, so it is essential to ensure that in the unlikely event of a breakdown or service requirement we provide a fast and efficient turnaround service, known as our 1st Time Fix.

Rhinowash - Pressure washer units

Our Core Values

Our values are very important to us and how we differentiate ourselves

Superhero like Customer Service

Clients trust is earned through the excellence of our products, services and solutions, but most of all its about relationships, it’s how we listen, learn and care for them.

Rhinowash delivers an exceptional experience of tailored solutions and service levels exceeding expectations.

The company is known for delivering a consistent and deliverable service across all its business functions with 40 years of experience.

1st-time fix guaranteed every time, with engineers arriving the same business day when required.

Honesty & Integrity

We give the best and honest advice, every time, even if we are not the solution.

We ensure high standards of design, build, deployment, and care packages. We look for ways to reduce customer costs.  

The continued success at Rhinowash has made it possible for us to contribute to the communities through employment, mentoring and charitable support leaving a positive impact on the local economy and communities we work within.

Innovative & Competitive

A British designer and manufacturer focused on delivering real solutions and results.

We don’t only want to be the biggest Wash System Manufacturer out there, we want to be a different Wash System Manufacturer. Rhinowash offers comprehensive solutions which sets us apart from other suppliers working in similar markets and as such we have no comparative competition to date.

Always leading the way and being innovative, we have introduced a Circular Economy Business Model. The pressure washer design incorporates modular components that can be refurbished as required, rather than going to landfill, thereby reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Our Accreditations

It is Rhinowash policy to achieve the highest standard of product quality and customer service possible. To continuously achieve these high standards, Rhinowash has in place the internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 Quality System. This quality system coupled with the dedicated commitment of everyone here at Rhinowash enables us to achieve high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, effectively and systematically

Made in Britain

We design, manufacture, supply, install and service our own products – this makes us 100% unique in the industry.

ISO 9001

This quality system coupled with the dedicated commitment of everyone here at Rhinowash enables us to achieve high standards of quality and customer satisfaction, effectively and systematically.


Our Rhinowash Health and Safety systems are applied in production, supply and installation of our Industrial Pressure Washers are assessed, accredited and monitored to the highest standard.

Rhinowash - Made in Britain
Rhinowash - ISO 9001

Your can view our FAQ's here, watch explainer videos in our Knowledge Centre, or contact us to speak to an experienced Rhinowash team member. 

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