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No matter how big or small the job, Rhinowash has the right solution for you. Because oupressure washers are designed and manufactured in our Scottish HQ, we know that everything we provide is of the very highest quality. We believe that each Rhinowash need is unique, which is why we offer our clients tailor-made solutions.So, tell us your problems today and let Rhinowash wash them away. 

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Rhinowash Pressure Washer Local Authorities

From John O’Groats to Lands End, our council depots rely heavily on their products to ensure they can maintain their products. From testing environments such as gritting depots to multiple, heavy handed operators who just need to get the job done and freezing temperatures throughout the winter, we’ve ensured our products match our customers’ requirements to get the job done We work with a range of industries, because we promise to give you our best advice every time – even if Rhinowash isn’t right solution for you this time.


When you rely on washing your road vehicles, there’s nothing more frustrating when your equipment lets you down. 

We know that living in the UK means there’s no escaping freezing temperatures – so to combat this, Rhinowash equipment has frost protection to ensure you can keep washing 24/7, all year.


Modular Design

Our exclusive Modular design ensures that any problems or breakdowns of your power washer can be fixed in minutes, so you can get on with the job.

Service Levels

We understand that any downtime you have to take while you wait for replacement parts is time and money wasted. That’s why we’ve designed our unique modular system – no need to wait for parts to arrive!

At Rhinowash, we pride ourselves on our quick response and quality service and promise to be there that business day or the next business morning. Unlike our competitors, we not only guarantee a first-time fix, we promise to fix the problem on the first visit, so you can get on with the job.


Right Tool for the Job

Not only do we offer durable, reliable and quality products, we also give expert advice to make sure you get the right equipment for the job.

We offer advice on configuration, pressure washer set up, as well as the best location to protect your equipment to ensure it’s always working.

Operator Abuse

From fuel contamination to wasted detergent, trip hazards, and damaged hoses – carelessness & neglect of equipment can result in costly repairs and can drain funds from your business as most products aren’t built to withstand this type of abuse.

At Rhinowash we make sure you not only get the right equipment for the job; we give expert advice on how to look after your products and offer full servicing packages to make sure your equipment stays in the best condition.


Value for Money

We know that cheaper isn’t always better. Especially if the costs for repairs and parts is more than what the equipment is worth!

At Rhinowash, we make sure our equipment meets the highest of standards and believe in transparency when it comes what you’re spending. You can control your costs through service and extended warranty agreements that help minimise costly bills when you least expect them.

“Main benefits are reliability….. It’s reliable & it’s lasted years and will continue to use Rhinowash for a number of years.”

John Whittaker - The North Lanarkshire Council
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How We are Helping Industries Like Yours

Rhinowash provides solutions for all types of industries and all types of jobs, from road transport to local authorities.