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Find the Right Product for Your Business: Choosing an Industrial Pressure Washer

Rhinowash Director Mark Burns has been shares his thoughts how to choose the right product for your business. He takes into consideration the environment, security, specifications and convenience. Which is the most important factor to Rhinowash? What is key in choosing an industrial pressure washer?

Choosing an Industrial Pressure Washer

For many businesses wash equipment such as industrial pressure washers, can be the unsung hero. It’s a piece of equipment that is a key weapon in their arsenal that they constantly. However, it often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves until it’s not working and causing problems.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency to view pressure washers as a throwaway item rather than an investment. They play a vital part in businesses operations, so this is especially frustrating. If you’re looking to make this investment and considering how to choose the right product or piece of equipment, ask yourself this first “how essential is this product to my business?”. Whether it’s from an aesthetic, maintenance or hygiene point of view, or if you have reliance on the functionality that a pressure washer can bring to your operation, considering the importance and the impact of your investment will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run.

Price is always going to be a contributing factor. But, it shouldn’t be the primary driver especially when there are other critical considerations. These include safety and security, the environment and the specification. These all play a crucial part in ensuring that the product you choose is suitable for your business and your needs. That’s where we come in; to challenge the status quo.

Security and Safety

Security should always be a real consideration for any wash system you procure. This ensures that your investment is safe from theft, operator misuse and from the environment. These can all impede the lifespan of your equipment. With regards to safety, this is paramount when operating a pressure washer as we’re dealing with water and electricity. Safety is also why we have manufactured our RX and ST series models to be static units. Portable units pose multiple increased risks from falls, electrocution and contamination risk, to increased risk of damage from continuous relocation.


Even we understand that for many, cleaning is a thankless task. There are many who take great pride in the presentation of their vehicle. However, there are just as many who dread the prospect of having to set up a pressure washer at the end of a long shift. As such, convenience is one of the most important considerations. If there is the slightest reason for putting off the task at hand, it’s our job to eradicate those reasons. Whilst the infamous yellow pressure washers on wheels seem convenient, what you don’t see is the inconvenience of moving it. Including setting it up each time and refuelling it. If you leave it outside in the cold and it freezes, or it’s stolen, it suddenly doesn’t seem as convenient. Convenience for us is providing a suitable machine in a designated area that is simple and easy to use. This requires the least effort on the part of the operator, it will encourage even the most disinterested operator to tackle the task at hand.

Location and Environment

When new clients approach me looking for a solution that fits their needs, it would take a very strong argument to dissuade me that there’s anything better in the market than Rhinowash. However, even with equipment made to the highest standard, put that equipment in the wrong location and it will underperform. It’s vital we assess the location and environment before we even consider quoting. Firstly, ensure what we are proposing is right for the customer, and then to make sure our products will be protected from the elements. This secures its longevity and protects our client’s investment for many years. In a country where we can have four seasons in one day, it’s on us to provide a solution that is suitable to withstand the elements in that location.


The obvious measuring stick when talking about pressure washers is pressure itself, but often that can be the furthest thing from the truth when you consider what will enhance the performance of your equipment. There’s a myriad of elements that need to be considered to ensure the final result is right for your requirements. Often less is more and adding more pressure can do more harm than good. So rather than throwing more pressure on the problem, it’s more important to identify what the issue is, what is the task at hand and what is the best solution possible. Even if that’s not Rhinowash.

The Right Product for You (and choosing an industrial pressure washer)

When it comes to choosing the right product (and choosing an industrial pressure washer) for your business, there are many factors to consider ensuring you get the most out of your investment. One of these factors should be making sure that the product you’re purchasing has comprehensive service and maintenance plans. This will look after your investment. At the end of the day, even at Rhinowash where we are so diligent about design and manufacturing to the highest standards, the products we produce are electromechanical so it’s inescapable that they can be subject to failure now and then. However, that is where we at Rhinowash outshine the competition with our Quick Swap Modular Design which ensures that if a machine were to breakdown, we can guarantee a first-time fix which saves our customers both time and money.


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