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Opinion: Even the Suez Canal Can’t Stop a Rhino

Our director Mark Burns recently wrote an article, sharing his thoughts on the Suez Canal blockage and how we at Rhinowash, have secured our position in the industry to ensure our supply chains are strong enough to withstand any disruption. After all, you can’t stop a Rhino! Read the full article below.

On Monday I was amongst the countless business owners who breathed a sigh of relief at the news that a giant container vessel which had been blocking a vital trade route, had finally been freed.

As we have seen dominating the headlines this week, the 200,000-tonne Ever Given became wedged in the Suez Canal nearly a week ago, causing severe disruption to one the world’s most important waterways. Despite the refloating of the Ever Given and the resumption of traffic on the Suez Canal, the news that the ripple effects of the disruption caused could impact the global supply chain for months to come, has left many business owners, myself included, wondering how vulnerable our supply chain is to external factors.

At Rhinowash, as I reflect on our supply chain and our security as a business facing the challenges of not only giant container vessels blocking trade routes, but also the impact of both COVID-19 and Brexit, I consider myself fortunate that we remain in a very strong position. However, this isn’t simply due to luck, rather three key factors which underpin the Rhinowash business strategy.

  • Modular System

Whilst we are passionate about manufacturing in Great Britain, there is the reality that in a world as interconnected as ours is today, there are some components that simply have to be sourced from further afield.

As our machines have evolved over the years, our priority was and remains, manufacturing equipment from the front end so to ensure the machines are made to the highest standard. It has also been fundamental since the beginning, that our manufacturing process is as streamlined as possible.

The invention of our Quick Swap Modular Design really changed the game for us, as even from a design perspective it necessitated the need for a streamlined model. The modular facility allows us an edge in the marketplace, as it ensures that if a machine were to breakdown, we have complete confidence that once the fault is identified, we have the means to fix it then and there. Our guaranteed first-time fix saves our customers both time and money and sets us head and shoulders above our competitors.

  • Remanufacturing

As a business, we are conscious that we can’t keep taking new and raw materials from the ground without any consequence. Being a sustainable and environmentally conscious organisation is something that has always been instilled in our core values, but evermore so now with the looming threat of climate change.

In a world of throwaway culture, we stand apart from the rest. With our modular facility, when a component becomes life expired, we bring it back in house and fully remanufacture it, breathing new life into a piece of equipment that would have otherwise been discarded.

Our remanufacturing capability allows us a sense of confidence, that even in the face of major incidents like the blockage of the Suez Canal, that our supply chains are strong enough to withstand the disruption. Even if the situation had taken longer to resolve, our supply chain wouldn’t have felt the impact for close to a year, which is not something many businesses through the UK can confidently say.

  • Built To Last

At a time when many delicately balanced supply chains are struggling to cope, with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and the impending restrictions on trade as Brexit progresses, there is a growing sense from consumers that you really do get what you pay for.

Our customers recognize that cheaply made, non-recyclable machines are as bad for their bank balance as they are for the environment. My goal has always been to provide customers with the highest quality pressure washers, that are built to last, and which can be relied upon. Our remanufacturing capability not only extends the life of our products but also secures our stability as a business, that we can pivot and respond to consumer demand and market trends when required.

Here at Rhinowash, we are industry experts and consultants, as well as Pressure wash equipment manufacturers. This gives us depth in our ability to ensure that we have a sense of control over external global factors, and how they might impact our business. This means, that no matter how many boats get wedged in the Suez Canal, it won’t stop a Rhino.

Get in touch today with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will help you find out which pressure washer is right for you and your business. Call us on 0333 207 9274 or visit


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