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The Importance of a Circular Economy Business Model

As we kick off 2022, here at Rhinowash HQ we’re making our New Year’s resolutions. Top of our list? Ensuring we keep actively working towards the governments target’s and net zero objectives. In 2022 we took part in the Circular Design Webinar with Zero Waste Scotland. The importance of a circular economy business model become apparent.

Specifically, the focus of the webinar was to introduce the concept of circular design. It highlighted the value of repair, remanufacturing and recyclability during the design of a product or service. A perfect fit for Rhinowash and our director Mark Burns, who was delighted join the conversation.

Rhinowash, as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has long been an advocate for operating a circular economy business model. This business approach keep products and materials in use, by design, for as long as possible. This allows you to gain the maximum value from them.

Want to find out how circular design could play a key role in your business? Specifically, in terms of the quality, durability and serviceability of the product we offer here at Rhinowash? Read on!


As a business, we fully understand that we can’t keep taking new and raw materials from the ground without consequence. Being a sustainable and environmentally conscious organisation is instilled in our core values. More so now than ever before. Those same core values have installed a drive in all of those at Rhinowash to design and manufacture quality equipment. Equipment fit for purpose, reliable and robust to have maximum life is non-negotiable for us.

The manufacturing industry is flooded with equipment. Often produced at a cheap price and to a high volume, in turn this keeps the price print low and encourages higher consumption. In this world of throwaway culture, we stand apart from the rest. With our modular facility, when a component becomes life expired, we bring it back in house and fully remanufacture it. We proudly breathe new life into a piece of equipment that would have otherwise been discarded.

Having remanufacturing capability allows us a sense of confidence that our supply chains are strong enough to withstand the disruption. Consumers recognise that cheaply made, non-recyclable machines are as bad for their bank balance as they are for the environment. Our remanufacturing capability not only extends the life of our products, but also secures our stability as a business. It means we can pivot and respond to consumer demand and market trends when required.

Made in Britain

We have always been passionate about manufacturing in the UK. We aim to design, manufacture and source hero to reduce environmental impact. However, the reality in a world as interconnected as ours, is that there are some components that simply must be sourced from further afield.

Our approach has always been to make smarter and more informed decisions. Minimium impact on the enviroment is a result of this. The invention of our Quick Swap Modular Design is the perfect example of this. This process ensures that our manufacturing, and remanufacturing remains as streamlined as possible.

Furthermore, the modular facility provides us with an edge in the marketplace as it guarantees that if a machine were to break down, we can identify the fault straight away and can fix it there and then. The streamlined design and focus on manufacturing in Britain ensures a level of protection from any impacts to the global supply chain, so we can continue servicing our clients without disruption.

Net Zero Objectives

As a business born and bred in Lanarkshire, when Glasgow proudly hosted COP26 in November 2021, it was an occasion close to our hearts.

Scotland has committed to reaching net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045. We are fully dedicated as a Scottish business to meet that goal. We have been working hard behind the scenes on our brand-new prototype model to aid this. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting new product launch from Rhinowash soon!

Many of our customers are taking advantage of our brand new Zero Waste Hybrid Hire models. This is where we buy back your asset and take on the responsibility of reusing, upcycling and remanufacturing the asset. This means it achieves maximum value with minimum environmental impact.

Looking for a pressure washer solution that is kind to environment? Contact us today to find out more.


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