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The Rhinowash industrial pressure washer ST Series is reliable, durable and serviceable. Our pressure washers are engineered to thrive even in the most demanding of environments and to overcome your challenges without failure. Should problems arise, we offer an unrivalled service response with our unique removable pump and burner components of our static pressure washers. Machine downtime is minimised by quickly substituting both the pump and burner modules with direct replacements to efficiently solve your problems, fast. With features including flame failure controls and low voltage controls, the ST Hot Pressure Washer Series is the safest industrial power washer on the market. Available with varying performances and additional add on accessories, we have a Rhinowash hot pressure washer to suit your needs.


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Hot or Cold Options, Single or 3-phase


    765mm (l) x 1290mm (h) x 865mm (d)

ST Series
ST Series


  • Built to provide you with a power washer that is Reliable, Durable and Serviceable.
  • Engineered to work in the most demanding environments.
  • Secure Lockable Cabinet.
  • Automatic frost protection to keep your machine frost free in freezing temperatures.
  • Reduce detergent wastage and improved cost control.
  • Improve cleaning efficiencies and reduce cleaning times..
  • Module

  • Immediate service guaranteed by Quick Swap design.
  • High performing energy-efficient equipment to save you money.
  • Robust industrial design for reliability and easy maintenance.


  • Equipment Protected from costly frost/weather damage.
  • Simple safe remote operation.
40 Years of robustness

40 Years of robustness

Rhinowash have been around for a while.  Our years earned expertise and experience mean we know exactly what you need from your power washer. 

Guaranteed first time fix

Guaranteed first time fix

Guaranteed first time fit. Our unique, quick swap modular design allows us to fix any issues the same day, or next morning. No stalling, No delay with ordering parts - Rhinowash gets the job done.  

British Made

British Made

We design, manufacture, install and service our own products - this makes us 100% unique in the industry.  

Built to last

Built to last

Like rhinos, everything we provide is robust - our products are built to withstand extreme weather with routine servicing, and our preventative care packages ensure you get the most from your equipment. 

ST Series


  • Varying performances & standard add on accessories to suit any situation or requirement.
  • Simple, robust controls.
  • Easy servicing.
  • Ease of Operation

  • Safest Industrial Power Washer on the market.
  • Simple and safe remote operation.

Easy Wind-hose Reel

  • Perfect storage solution for hose and lances.
  • Large capacity easy wind hose reel that is easy to use.





Hose Reel Management System

  • Our unique Storage Solution for Hoses and Lances.
  • Fully automatic frost protection; saves downtime and costly frost damage to hoses and lances.
  • Thermal Insulation for Enhanced Protection at Sub-Zero Temperatures.
  • Prevents trips, slips & falls keeping operators safe.

Maximise life of hoses & lances

  • Our independent frost protected hose reel cabinet provides lockable hose & lance storage preventing damage from being run over or burst due to frost.
  • The cabinet helps meet HSE standards and requirements.
  • The cabinet can be located remotely from the wash system i.e. through an adjacent wall or separate room.
  • Perfect for locations with remote or exposed wash areas where weather and/or operator abuse is possible.
ST Series

Flexible Options

  • Remote operator station gives control of the machine whilst reducing risk of operator abuse and prolonging the life of your wash systems.
  • Safely store detergent inside and for hot machines keep detergent separate from fuel; reduces risk of spillage and/or contamination.
  • Connect multiple machines in-line.

Easy wind Reel

  • Large 80m capacity Easy reel drum.
  • External lance holster.
  • Lockable internal storage for lance and hose.
  • 4-way roller guide for easy hose management.
ST Series
ST Series