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How to Choose the Best Industrial Pressure Washer

To understand how to choose the best industrial pressure washer, you need to know the factors you need to consider. First off, the most crucial aspect is that the pressure washer offers exemplary customer service at every touch point. This support starts when you first get in touch for their services, continues through the business, and ends in the after-service they provide. For so many customers, a power washer should be understanding of their needs and offer the best services tailored to those needs. For this reason alone Rhinowash excel at providing the best products. We never fail to exceed our customer’s expectations. Secondly, as a family-run business that has been providing services for over four decades now, we always deliver on our promises. British manufacturing guarantees every service is customised to each customer.

We believe in creating communities, not just customers. Being great advocates of sustainability at every step of our power washing business. We always give honest quality advice that is positive and profitable for our customers as well as the planet.

Now, to help you better pick out the best industrial pressure washer service provider, here’s a checklist for you:

Offers Pressure Washers for Jobs Big and Small

When choosing a company for pressure washing, do you find yourself asking ‘will they be able to do such a huge project?’. If that’s the case, you need not worry. Rhinowash is equipped with the best pressure washers that can take on any job, big or small. We’re the right company for washing something as small as your shed to something as big as your building. Our industrial pressure washers are designed in our Scottish headquarters, giving us ability to take them anywhere in the UK. We have four decades of experience to the industry, there aren’t many washing jobs our washers haven’t taken yet. So whatever you ask them to wash, we’ve done it before and we know how to do it exceptionally well. We will ensure that our products are bespoke to your washing needs.

Has Modular Designs That Are Reliable

We offer pressure washers that have an easy-to-fix and easy-to-maintain modular design that are reliable in all kinds of environments. Our all-in-one solution Rhinowash RX Series Pressure Washer is robust, reliable and built to last. Additionally, we offer the ST Series Pressure Washer, an industrial pressure washer engineered to stay running in demanding environments. Both of these are modular to the core with a burner and pump unit. If need be, the burner unit can be swapped out and immediately replaced with a new one to keep your washer running. We understand how time lost is money lost. As a result, our quick swappable modular designs ensure that you washing job never has to stop. In turn, you don’t stop making money from it.

Offers Quick Damage Recovery for Pressure Washers

We’ve earned the respect and trust of our customers for over forty years now. We don’t keep you hanging even if you’re facing a minor problem with our pressure washers. Delivering on our promise of providing excellent customer support, we make sure that if you have a problem, we fix it as quickly as possible so you don’t any negative and unprofitable downtime. We promise to reach you the same business day or at most, the next business day to fix any and all problems that you may be facing. And we have unofficially coined the term first-time fix which means that we make it a point to fix your problem on the first visit instead of only assessing and then remedying it. Our customers can tell you how this simple quick service has earned us their trust for many years.

Have Safe and Sustainable Products and Practices

As mentioned before, we not only offer jet washers but also provide our customers with the best and most honest advice that is catered to how they’ll be using our products. For us, the safety of the operator is as important as the durability of our pressure washers. We have helpful guides to help the operators understand how to safely work with such big machines. Any operator may face a multitude of safety concerns and situations on the site, and we make sure that we have the right expert advice to tackle all of them. We make our products sustainable as well. We ensure that consumables such as detergents are used in such a way that it becomes cost-effective for our customers. At Rhinowash, we offer you complete control and transparency for sustainable pressure washing.

Choose from Rhinowash pressure washers today and get your business to the next level of safety, reliability and profitability.


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