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How to Reduce Power Washing Costs for Business

Rhinowash provides the best power washers in the country. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years. Rhinowash have refined the processes to ensure your power washing ongoing costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We know exactly how to reduce power washing costs.

We have created this PDF to help you in your journey to lower your cleaning costs.

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5 Ways Reducing Pressure Washing Costs Can Improve Your Business

Use Kerosene Instead of Red Diesel.

White diesel (DERV) which superseded Red Diesel (Gas oil / 35 second oil) on 1st of April 2022, now costs a significant £0.60 per litre (approx.) more than Kerosene (Paraffin / 28 second oil)

Kerosene is the current fuel of choice for Rhinowash systems as its cheaper & cleaner therefor saving you money in both running and maintenance costs.

Monitor Your Detergent Costs.

Detergent saving cost example and how to:

We undertook an exercise where we monitored annual detergent consumption at some of our customers depots. Usage from 33 barrels to less than 4 barrels in a year which was a massive 88% reduction which was a huge cost saving!

Want to know how to monitor this? If you aren’t lucky enough to extract this information from your operating system, then an excel spreadsheet will suffice. Simply add month columns, average or exact monthly spend and the consumption in litres to monitor and assess. If you want to put Rhinowash to the challenge, use your previous figures and then compare Rhinowash costs and consumption and review the differences.

Pressure Washer Service Agreements

Upfront cost vs long-term gain and benefits

We all need to pinch the purse strings at times, but don’t cut in the wrong places! A service agreement is the best way to ensure your equipment continues to work with minimum risk of trouble.

How much are you spending on parts?

Track your monthly spend on parts. Do you really know how much your machine is costing you? All the costs add up and if you are not monitoring these, you could be throwing money at something where you should really have invested in a new machine.

Monitor Your Downtime Costs.

Having your machine out of operation is a pain but, what is it really costing your business? Employees unable to fulfil their duties? Equipment unable to be used? Work unable to be charged for? A backlog of work? These are all detrimental to your business and cashflow.

A solution is to monitor the hours your staff are unable to use the machine. It is important to record the cost impact to your business, for example if can’t be used due to MOT restrictions. Record the hourly rate and multiple by hours the machine would be used for this activity. Also, review how many jobs this affects at this rate and then cost of backlog . It is easy to see how between detergents, parts and downtime how your costs could become spiralling out of control.

Rhinowash Can Help You.

Want to find out more about what Rhinowash Pressure Washers can do for you? Get in touch today and find out how to reduce power washing costs. Call us now on 0333 207 9274.


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