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Opinion: It’s Not Just Pressure Washers, it’s a Passion

Rhinowash is a company built on passion, as well as reliability, trust and honesty – which is why Director Mark Burns believes the company has been able to forge long lasting relationships without negating their core values. Read the full article below.

At Rhinowash, our company values are so intrinsically intertwined with our business strategy, that they guide our decisions every single day. Our values of trust and honesty are never more apparent than in our commitment to manufacture a robust and reliable product, which delivers on the promises we make. For me, quality and good service go hand in hand with honesty and trust. One doesn’t exist without the other.

You know the saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”? That couldn’t ring truer for the whole team here at Rhinowash. That’s not to say that we don’t have bad days, far from it. At the end of the day, we have a business to run however, there’s a passion that can be felt companywide from myself and John, to the engineers to the production team. This passion comes from a continuous desire to provide the right solution for our clients, and to satisfy and resolve the headaches and challenges we recognise, often before they have even experienced them.

Throughout the last year, during a time which has been very difficult for many businesses, I think those that have stayed true & protected their core values rather than just making a sale at any cost no matter the bottom line will have fared better over the course.

Challenging the Status Quo

For a business that has been around as long as we have, who are committed to continually improving and innovating our product and our service, often we are tasked with challenging the ‘status quo’ mentality. That attitude of, “well, this is how I’ve always done it?”. Our job is to impart our knowledge and experience the best we can, all this takes sometimes is one conversation with a prospective client to change their way of thinking. Other times it’s a conversation that can last for years, perhaps during which time they seek the services of an alternative business. Fundamentally, the advice and effort we give are the same whether it’s a small start-up business or an established multifaceted organisation. Regardless, we’ll always be passionate and apply that same attention to detail, as that’s the core of what we do.

Profit vs Reputation

The values of integrity and reputation are something that were handed down from my father, when he started the business back in 1975 and have guided us throughout the years to ensure that we are never focused on just making a sale. Often, we’ll respectfully bow out of a contract if it’s not the right fit. Of course, there’s a balance between remaining true to our values whilst also turning a profit. However, if we are asked to supply a product to a client who isn’t willing to take on advice which we view as imperative, then we won’t be comfortable supplying equipment and risking our reputation. Reputation is something that, I believe is earned, and is best earned through staying true to your core values. To put our reputation at risk for a sale is never acceptable to us.

Service is King

Over the years, I can’t say that our values have changed, they’re still as important to us now as they were when we first started. Something I have noticed although, is that over the last 10 years or so, the element of preventative maintenance and servicing has become every bit as important as the quality of the products we manufacture. As this proves our worth not just as a pressure washer manufacturer, but as a company you can trust to respond when something doesn’t work. Our Quick Swap Modular Design system has played a huge part in that. Its ability to guarantee a first-time fix gives our customers a high degree of control, confidence and assurance to get the job done. This also links back into the honesty and transparency that really underpins the Rhinowash business strategy.

Be Ready to be Challenged

Often customers contact us simply asking for a price, expecting a quote, along with a nice glossy brochure in return. However, were not in the business of selling products picked from a catalogue, rather our aim is to engage with clients, to ask the right questions and ensure we offer the right solution.

We’re not just ‘yes men’ only focused on the bottom line and whilst we don’t ignore clients looking for a price, they shouldn’t be offended that we want to fully understand their needs first.

Sometimes clients aren’t always ready to commit the time or effort that we understand is necessary to ensure a fulsome solution, but it doesn’t change our approach. If not the first time around, we are often back with clients, months or even years down the line taking the time to get them the right solution.

At the end of the day, the Rhinowash values of quality, integrity and honesty really do come home to roost when a customer comes back to us, often years later, about our product and says, “it has done exactly what you said it would do”. That’s what we’re all about.


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