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Poultry Disinfection: How Rhinowash Keeps PD Hook Rearing Safe from Avian Flu

Rhinowash and Poultry Disinfection

As a leading supplier of industrial pressure washers and cleaning equipment, Rhinowash is proud to have installed our ST Series at PD Hook Rearing’s facility in Haywood. The installation ensures that all vehicles entering and leaving the premises are cleaned and disinfected. Poultry disinfection reduces the risk of Avian influenza and other diseases. In this blog we explore why specialised cleaning equipment like the ST Series is vital for industries like poultry farming. Additionally, we’ll also look at how it can improve animal welfare and the safety of consumers.

PD Hook Rearing is a company that works with major breed companies like Aviagen, Cobb, and Hubbard to rear birds for 18 weeks across their farming base. The company produces uniform birds at the highest welfare standards in preparation for lay on the Breeder Farms. However, this process comes with its own set of challenges. Especially when it comes to biosecurity and preventing the spread of diseases like Avian flu.

PD Hook Rearing’s Solution

The ST Series addresses these challenges. Its low-pressure disinfecting system cleans and sanitises at the same time, reducing the risk of disease transmission. Also, with a high-pressure cleaning system, it is possible to remove dirt and other contaminants effectively. Moreover, the combination of both cleaning and disinfecting systems is essential. It aids the maintenance of a safe and hygienic environment for the birds, employees, and consumers.

In the case of PD Hook Rearing, the ST Series is installed at the front of the premises. It is crucial all vehicles are clean and disinfected prior to entering the facility. The installation location ensures this. The process is thorough and efficient. It allows for the safe and timely movement of vehicles and reducing the risk of Avian influenza.

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting cannot be overstated. Industries like poultry farming, where the risk of disease transmission is high, it is a priority. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, facilities, and vehicles are crucial for preventing the spread of disease and protecting animal welfare. At Rhinowash, we understand the importance of specialised cleaning equipment, and that is why we have developed the ST Series, designed to keep businesses safe and operational while maintaining high levels of hygiene and sanitation.

How Rhinowash Can Help

In conclusion, the installation of the Rhinowash ST Series at PD Hook Rearing’s facility is a testament to our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions to our clients. The ST Series keeps businesses safe from the spread of diseases like Avian flu, ensuring the safety of consumers and the welfare of animals. With Rhinowash, you can trust that your business is in good hands. Get in touch and level up your industrial pressure washer solution!

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