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Prepare Your Industrial Pressure Washer for Winter

Here at Rhinowash, we understand that business doesn’t just stop when the weather drops. We’ve specifically designed our equipment to take into account the different weather patterns. We’re used to the weather that batters the UK on a regular basis, as a result we have built tough and robust machinery that withstand a the harshest of environments. Find out how to prepare your industrial pressure washer for winter here.

From frozen water and machinery to unprotected gun-hoses and wash-lances, a compromised pressure washer can mean expensive downtime for your business and result in costly repairs.

With the news that here in Scotland, forecasters are predicting snow and freezing temperatures in the run-up to Christmas 2021. Therefore, it is the ideal time for a refresher on how to get your pressure washer ready for winter. Although you can’t control the weather, you can ‘winterise’ your pressure washer. This ensures your equipment continues to work to its maximum capacity through the cold winter months.

Contact us today to talk through your individual requirements in detail or keep reading to find out our top tips to get your pressure washer winter-ready.

What are the most common winter weather issues?

Frozen Water

If your water supply isn’t insulated and isolated, it may become frozen. This would stall any use of the pressure washer until the water pipe thaws. In especially cold winter days when temperatures don’t rise above freezing this is not ideal. It means your pressure washer could be out of action for days on end.

Frozen Accessories

In sub-zero temperatures, unprotected gun-hoses and wash-lances quickly freeze and are often unusable for hours until they thaw. This more often then not results in costly repairs.

Frozen Machinery

Without proper protection, pressure washers are highly vulnerable to frost. This can cause water in the pipes and components to freeze and burst which can be very expensive to fix. As a result, any jobs that require a pressure washer can be brought to a standstill.

What steps can I take to ‘winterise’ my pressure washer?

Frost Protection

Make sure that any fitted frost protection is working correctly. Without frost protection, you may experience frozen pipes, which are expensive to fix and can put your pressure washer out of use for several days. This is why here at Rhinowash, all of our machines have automatic frost protection to save you costly frost damage to your hoses and lances.

Preventative Maintenance

Service agreements and preventative maintenance plans ensure that your machine is regularly serviced and is well looked after to keep it performing as it should. Any issues or necessary repairs can be identified and rectified sooner rather than later. Here at Rhinowash, our Quick Swap Modular Design ensures guarantees a first-time fix, even through the winter months.

Oil and Fuel Checks

Before the winter weather sets in, check the pump oil, water filter and fuel filter as this can help to avoid any costly bills. This is typically an easy visual check.

Check Your Water Connection

It’s vital that your water connection is both insulated and isolated, to protect the water from the cold. If the water freezes, as will the pipes, leaving the pressure washer unusable until it thaws.

Have Back Up Accessories

Time is money so by keeping a spare high-pressure wash hose and gun lance on the shelf, ensures you can get up and running again quickly should anything go wrong.

Store Your Pressure Washer Safely and Correctly

Keep panel lids and doors closed, ensuring your unit is tightly fastened to avoid costly repair bills from water ingress and keep frost protection operational if fitted. Here at Rhinowash, all of our pressure washers can be sealed away in insulated and weatherproof enclosures, keeping them safe from even the coldest of temperatures, as well as any accidental damage from mishandling.

Need a cleaning solution that’s right for your business? Get in touch today with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Call us now on 0333 207 9274.


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