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Rhinowash RX Series Vs. Conventional Pressure Washer Fuel Arrangements

Ever wondered what the benefits are of our RX Series, in comparison to conventional pressure washer fuel arrangements?

Filled directly from fuel tanker to bunded fuel tank

When it’s filled direct to the bunded fuel tank, you are minimising the risk of spillages and cross-contamination. You can benefit from 215 hours runtime before refuelling is required vs. conventional systems managing only a meagre 5 hours – (a whopping 210 hours extra and eliminating 43 refuels).

No risk of contamination

Using dirty fuel drums to fill up fuel, or fuel and detergent drums being mixed up are a thing of the past due with the bunded fuel tank as this is filled up directly from the tanker.

No operator interference

No need for your operators to worry about filling up when empty, risking spilling fuel which could be a fire hazard, or the worry of cross contaminating the fuel by mixing up the detergent and fuel. All of which can lead to costly damage.

At Rhinowash, we believe it’s the ultimate wash solution. Don’t just take our word for it though, read all about the benefits of the RX Series below:

Other Benefits of RX series:

Built to Last

Conventional pressure washer arrangements typically have a 20-litre capacity. In comparison, the RX Series has a 1,100-litre storage capacity in a bunded fuel tank, offering double the protection. Not only does this reduce the need for frequent refuelling, saving you both time and money, it also means that the capacity is large enough to allow for tanker delivery. Refuelling via a tanker eliminates all of the risks associated with manual handling such as spillage or cross contamination. Often with conventional pressure washer arrangements where the fuel needs to be manually topped, fuel and detergent pipes can be easily mixed up resulting in costly damage.


As with all Rhinowash machines, the RX Series offers the assurance of the Quick Swap Modular Design. This ensures that if a component were to break or your machine were to breakdown, we can guarantee a first-time fix that business day or the next business morning. Our RX Series has been manufactured with reliability and durability in mind so you can be assured it’s of the highest standard. Not only that, Rhinowash have comprehensive preventative maintenance and service agreements to extend the life span of your machine and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Our RX Series comes with all of the mechanical, electrical, ventilation and plumbing fittings pre-installed. It only requires a connection of power and water, so it really is as simple as just plugging it in and washing! It allows for a simple and safe remote operation and can easily be moved if required.

It features a large capacity quick-wind hose reel, that is easy to use and is the perfect storage solution for hoses and lances.


The RX Series is built to withstand the most severe of weather conditions. It features thermal insulation for enhanced protection at sub-zero temperatures, a thermal insulated heat trace system to protect the hose from pump to feel and it comes with a frost protection system which keeps your machine safe from costly frost damage. The machine itself is built to withstand the toughest and most demanding of environments, as well as vandalism and operator misuse. The integral door security system restricts access to increase the security and the detergent is pre-metered in locked cabinets to prevent any potential tampering, as well as to avoid any contamination risks.

Looking to make an enquiry about one of our Pressure Washer RX Series Fuel Arrangements? Get in touch today with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Call us today on 0333 207 9274


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