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What NOT to do With Your Pressure Washer

Here at Rhinowash, we are pressure washer equipment manufacturers, as well as industry experts and consultants. As such, we have a wealth of knowledge on all things pressure washers and are always happy to help with any questions or issues our clients may be experiencing. Perhaps one of the most popular questions we get asked is: “what should I not do with my pressure washer?”

We’ve summarised the main issues that we see a lot of clients experience before they turn to Rhinowash. Give us a call today on 0333 207 9274 to discuss your pain points or keep reading on to find out our top tips on what not to do, to help maximise your results.

Don’t Leave It Outside

If you’re using a portable machine, make sure you tidy away your equipment once you’ve completed the job at hand. We would always recommend keeping your pressure washer in a warm dry environment, as this will prevent any damage from frost. By stowing it away safely, this will also lower the risk of theft and keep your equipment safe from harm.

Don’t Forget to Get it Routinely Serviced

Routine servicing and maintenance help to make sure that you can rely on your wash equipment to provide continuous operation and service to your business throughout the year.

Don’t Leave the Doors Open

Before you begin using your pressure washer, always make sure the panel lids and doors are closed and that you aren’t washing directly on top of it. By ensuring your unit is tightly fastened, this can help to prevent water ingress and frost damage, both of which can result in a costly repair bill.

Don’t Attempt to DIY

A pressure washer, for most inexperienced users is a potentially dangerous piece of equipment once under the bonnet, where you’ll find a trifecta of live electrics, high pressure water and oil-fired combustion chambers. We would always recommend that you leave any maintenance to the experts as by wrongly diagnosing faults or fitting incorrect parts, this will only add to your problems and cost you more in the long run.

Don’t Use Unapproved Accessories

Don’t underestimate the impact that accessories can make to your pressure washer’s performance. By selecting the right accessories, such as foam applicators, detergent or a hose management system, these can enhance the performance of your equipment, whilst maximising convenience and saving time.

How Can We Help?

Now that we’ve given our advice on what not to do, the next thought might be, “then what should I do?” The answer: consult with a trusted and reliable pressure washer manufacturer on the best solution for you that will eradicate your pain points, ensure your equipment is looked after and that your results are maximised. At Rhinowash, we pride ourselves on our product expertise and our engineer’s ability to provide a first-class individualised service so you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

Get in touch today with our knowledgeable and friendly team who will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Call us now on 0333 207 9274.

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