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Which Pressure Washer Solution is Right for Me?

At Rhinowash we design & manufacture our wash systems to ensure a flexibility to cater to a variety of needs.

All our products have the same Quick Swap Modular Design which guarantees a 1st time fix, every time.

The RX system is more than just a pressure washer its the most comprehensive & convenient turn-key wash solution on the market- managing all the key components for a successful wash system: Environment, Security & Reliability.

With sub-zero thermal protection system for the severest of winters it will keep your business running and equipment protected. With its own large capacity bunded fuel tank the RX will run between fills to an equivalent conventional system with approximately 55 refills.

This drastically reduces the common risks of dry running, contamination & fuel handling.

Plumbing, ventilation & electrical installations are pre-installed, and only requires a simple and quick connection of power and water. This series offers a ready to use wash system with remote operation improving operator safety and security.

The smaller but more compact ST series maintains identical cleaning performance to the RX.

Better suited for locations where space is restricted, exposure to extreme winters is less and fuel handling isn’t an issue, this pressure washer packs a punch.

The ST features low voltage controls, and flame failure device and comes with a range of tailored accessories to make sure your pressure washer is fully suited to your needs.

Want to chat about which pressure washer is right for you? Call us on tel:03332079274


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